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May 17 - 21, 2021

"My name is Joe"

Follow along with the video and sing along once you learn the song.


Singing in the Rain

We've been having some lovely rain showers this past week. Listen to the musical story and sing along once you know the song.

Rhythm Review

You will need a piece of paper, some round items, and some long items. Follow along and recreate the rhythms in the video below. Follow along to review our secret rhythm language.

May 10, 2021

Welcome to Music! I'm glad your here! 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!
Today we are going to go on a bear hunt. Collect items around your house that you could use as instruments. Some ideas are empty Tupperware containers, bags, kitchen utensils, and anything else that can become a found instrument in your home. Watch the video and add your instrument sounds to the different areas we wander through looking for our bear.


The Colour Song with Patty Shukla!
Stand up and dance along to the video. Invite your family to join in. Once you know the words to the song go and play the game outside and add your own colours to the game.

Sleeping Bunnies
Follow along with the video and learn the song. Create your own bunny actions as we sing together.