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Grade 4

May 20, 2021

Poison Rhythm

Clap along with the rhythm and see if Miss Quinn-Ost can trick you into clapping the poison rhythm.

Nursery Rhyme Song Maker Challenge

Think of your favorite nursery rhyme. They generally have simple melodies and follow a steady beat. You can choose one you remember from when you were younger or even one we would have learned in music. Once you have chosen your song, click the button below to take you to Chrome Music Labs Song Maker. Re-create your song using the website and then add some rhythmic and harmonic flair. Watch the video below for directions and for an example.

Once completed email or Teams chat me your creations link. 

Song Maker

Body Percussion Lesson - MusicPlay Online

Click the link below and  play the body percussion video from lesson 11 (you will have to scroll down the page slightly). The video on the website will teach you how to do a body percussion pattern that sounds like a drumkit! Watch the other video for inspiration for what body percussion looks like with multiple people.

MusicPlay - Drumkit Demo

May 13, 2021


The Cup Song Continued...

Follow along with the video to review and finish learning the cup song. You will need a plastic cup and a hard surface (a table or the floor). Once completed, click the button to record a Flipgrid of yourself doing the pattern.

Game : If you want to extend the pattern you can make it into a game you can play with your family. Once everyone has learned the pattern sit in a circle. Everyone should have their own cups. Do the pattern together (in sync) but at the end when you place your cup down move it to the right, "passing" it off to the next person. You then repeat the pattern with the cup on your left, slowly changing cups with each run through of the pattern.


Cup Song Music - Sun Flower Slow Drag       Cup Song Music - Sun Flower Fast Drag


Explore Colourful Sounds - Kandinsky

Click the button to go to Chrome Music Labs Kandinsky. This experiment is inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, an artist who compared painting to making music. It turns anything you draw – lines, circles, triangles, or scribbles – into sound. Try writing your name and see what its shapes can create. Draw with shapes and colours to create a unique melody of your very own.

Music Lab - Kandinsky

Fun Fact : Did you know that some people "see" music instead of just hearing it. This neurological condition is called synesthesia.  Synesthetes can often “see” music as colors when they hear it. Watch the video below to learn how Kandinsky was a synesthete.


The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra - Video

The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra was composed by British composer Benjamin Britten. The work was written at the request of the British Ministry of Education to be used for a short film called "Instruments of the Orchestra" (1946). Its concert premiere was given in Liverpool, England, on October 15, 1946.

Click the button below to watch the video and answer questions along the way for Britten's piece of music. Once on EdPuzzle enter your name to watch the video.

EdPuzzle - A Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra

Click the button below to play a game about the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. Click the "Local Game" to play.

Listening Adventures